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Thursday, June 17, 2010


I just couldn't resist a Mary Kay Virtual Makeover!

It was fun. I especially like how the chosen hair lays so nicely over my ash-brownish blond puffy hair. Do you like my accessories? I added makeup, too--it was a full makeover, you know. Had to include all the bells and whistles! There was a "bridal" makeover option, but it confused and frightened me...maybe it was the photo I chose to upload. I'm not sure. But the four or five different "styles" of bridal makeovers all were extremely scary to me. I definitely did not look like any of the images that I faced! But really, if you want a giggle and maybe to get some fun ideas for makeup, go try the Mary Kay virtual makeover. And no, I'm not a consultant and I don't get a kickback or whatever for mentioning it! I have no affiliation with the company other than liking their makeup.
Anyway, that site got me thinking about my own personal "makeover." I guess it's more a perspective on life and living than a real makeover--I am already wonderfully, fearfully made by God. He didn't mess up. I have, yes, and thankfully I'm forgiven and am loved and in a state of growth, discovery and redemption. I just wish I could sleep at night.
Well, that's kind of inaccurate. Once I'm in bed, I sleep. I just can't settle enough to get there in the first place. I stay away, watch tv, do things around the house, check email, check Facebook, and the list goes on and on. I worry. Yeah, I definitely sit in my rocking chair and think and worry a bit. I realize I shouldn't and that I cannot add to my days by worrying. Yes, yes. I know. Turning it off, however, is a tricky proposition, and when I feel like there is essentially nothing left that I can do to help him, or to make him safer, or to bring him home sooner, at least I can sit and worry. I know that makes no sense, but there it is.

So, it is 1:30am here. I should head to bed. I have company this weekend, plus Father's Day, plus Secret City Festival, plus about 100 other odds and ends. Busy! Oh yes--and, last week, I lost a pound. I hope to have a good jump with this week's weigh-in on Saturday.
Maybe I'll just sit and worry some about that, too! (Hardy, har har)