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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Picnic Fare...

So, July and the summer in general bring with it picnics, grilling, and a host of great food options! Don't be discouraged by fare that is fat-and calorie-laden and with little benefit to you and your goals! Certainly, treats are part of life and should be included--but don't make treats your "everyday menu," if you know what I mean. I find that, ahem, about once a month (or so) I greatly require chocolate. I work it in. I don't do "diet" chocolate--I enjoy some real stuff, then I move forward. :D Name it and claim it, my friends! Love yourself enough to slow down, reevaluate, redirect, change course, walk away, and feel GREAT about how you are treating yourself better! That is so much what this journey is about for me.

I wanted to share another altered menu item that I've concocted (maybe I have, again, reinvented the wheel...no clue, if so). I love cold yummy broccoli salad during the summer--don't you? But yikes!! Have you made it? Holy smokes, it is rich. Too rich. SO, I've made an alternative that truly is delicious and nutritious--what a combo!
Here goes:


A couple bunches of fresh broccoli. Fresher is better--Farmer's market is fabu, but it is early for broccoli, so fresh from the store will do.
1/2 c fat-free plain Greek-style yogurt.
1/2 c miracle whip, give or take a few tablespoons
5 pieces turkey bacon, microwaved for 2-3 minutes, cut into tiny bits.
Reserved turkey bacon drippings (mostly water)
Chopped red or vidalia onion
2 TB sugar substitute- stevia or splenda is best
1 TB white vinegar

Chop up that broccoli, stems included, into reasonably small pieces. Not finely chopped, but definitely cut-up to your liking. Put this in a large bowl that you can refrigerate, preferably with a tight-fitting lid.
Mix in plain yogurt and miracle whip (remember--miracle whip is 1/3 less fat than mayo. You can use the FF or lowfat kind, too, but I think this little bit is okay.) Mix until broccoli is well-coated evenly. Add bacon "bits" and "drippings" and mix thoroughly. Add finely chopped onion to your liking, plus remaining ingredients. Again--mix really well!
Now here's a part that I think makes it better---refrigerate for a few hours. The longer that stuff refrigerates, the better the flavor! It lasts several days and is delish.

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